Dynamics365: Data Migration at Scale


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Captains Log

Star date 6292018, tomorrow is “TrekFest” in Riverside Iowa, and it is also Go Live Weekend for one of my customers in Columbus, Ohio.  I ask that you keep us in your thoughts as we take a new ship on her maiden voyage, to boldly go where select few have gone before.

Problem: Our customer had survived on a 1980s version of MAPICS ERP.  It is a greenscreen system with no user interface, and the quality and cleanliness of their data has been a known unknown since day one of the project.

Data migration can make-or-break an implementation.  The teams at Microsoft have done a great job with DIXF, and the new Data Management capabilities in Dynamics365 for Finance & Operations.  However the tools are still very limited in their capability to handle complex transforms without writing X++, to handle high volume with the CPU throttling of the Batch processor, and it is still very hands-on.

Solution: Let’s use Azure for what it is – the ultimate developer’s toolshed.  Azure has a tool and a capability for nearly anything.  What I’m really in to right now is Serverless ( Functions all day every day ), with a small assist from LogicApps, Blob Storage, and Azure Service Bus.

Over this small series I will be detailing our approach to scaling data migration for Dynamics.  How we iterated more than a dozen FULL end to end data migrations for our customer in Ohio, and how you can too at minimal cost.  For those who have attended my AXUG FOCUS presentations on Azure you’ll know there is a ton of capability at your disposal that is completely free of charge. 

For now, a few sneak peaks and expect to see full details in the coming days.  Also, expect to see the solutions out on my GitHub as well.