Financial Dimension Control with no data source


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Financial Dimensions in AX6 have been revolutionized, as many of us know.  Adding them to a form is rather simple, given that one of your underlying data sources has a Default Dimension field.  But, what if you were building a form that didn't meet this requirement, or better yet had no data sources at all?  This is where the DimensionDefaultingControllerNoDS class comes in to play.

First thing's first: add the class to your form declaration:

Then, in the init() method of your form, you can initialize the controller passing in several values:

As an additional requirement, we did not want the users to be able to select all of the dimensions, so we set the editability in a separate method. This likely could be stored in a table for more dynamic and fluid access to the dimension attributes:
And that's how you load in the default dimensions to a form without supporting data sources. More to come on why a form wouldn't have the 'appropriate' data sources in our next post!