AX 2012 with Visual Studio Online :: Hosted TFS


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Hi everyone!

It’s my second post of the day, I must be on a roll =)

I’ve recently setup a new AX 2012 R3 CU8 VM, with Visual Studio 2013 Update 4.  For AX, I prefer to use Team Foundation Server for my VCS.  I also don’t want to setup a TFS system just for demonstration purposes, so I thought I’d check out – I mean, it’s free right?? [Thank you Visual Studio team!]

After setting up my initial project, and creating all of my favorite branching schemes, I then went to assosciate VSO with AX in the MorphX development IDE.  I was able to enter my hosted server URL, and after visiting this page I was eventually prompted to enter my VSO Azure AD credentials that I use for my Office365 subscription. 

This worked great, I could sync, check out, check in, you name it!  However I then setup automated builds as I’ve blogged about in the past, and it was constantly hanging on the Sync TFS step.  I checked permissions, I checked AX Client configs, I checked everything.  Whenever I ran the sync from the GUI it worked great, but whenever AX32.exe client was launched programmatically, it would fail.  It was being launched from Powershell with –NoProfile and elevated permissions, and I threw in the –Verb RunAs just to make sure it was executing as an administrator.  No dice.

Then I read here that could not be accessed programmatically without alternate authentication credentials.  Ah ha!

So I went about setting those up, and then found a blog by Joris over at DAXMusings mentioning the SysVersionControlTfsFacade project.  I was able to enhance this to support native VisualStudio Online, and it works flawlessly:

I’ve posted the solution to CodePlex, feel free to check it out: