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Dynamics365: Data Migration at Scale

Captains Log

Star date 6292018, tomorrow is “TrekFest” in Riverside Iowa, and it is also Go Live Weekend for one of my customers in Columbus, Ohio.  I ask that you keep us in your thoughts as we take a new ship on her maiden voyage, to boldly go where select few have gone before.

Problem: Our customer had survived on a 1980s version of MAPICS ERP.  It is a greenscreen system with no user interface, and the quality and cleanliness of their data has been a known unknown since day one of the project.

Copy Azure SQL Database to SQL Server - Incorrect Syntax Error

Copying databases from PROD back to TEST/STAGE and then further back down to a developer box is a normal routine.  It helps in debugging issues found in Production, and is a healthy task to do from time to time regardless.

Microsoft Documentation team has done an absolute phenomenal job with their details on how to copy from Azure SQL to SQL Server or visa versa. 

DevOps for Dynamics365 for Finance & Operations: Continuous Learning

The practice of DevOps isn’t just about automated builds and deployments.  There are several stages to good governance over your software, including a critical step many miss: Monitoring and Continuous Learning.

Without this critical piece of the process you won’t be able to proactively heal issues before they are out of control, and you won’t understand actual usage of the system.

Runtime Eventing in Dynamics365 for Operations

To help troubleshoot some things at a recent launch, we had a request to be able to monitor CRUD on certain tables.  Database logging is a viable option, however I wanted to take time to see how difficult it would be to build this on my own. 

While there are only 1 or 2 tables I needed to monitor now, I want something flexible that we can turn on or off on a table level.  In an effort to find a solution where I can select which tables are being audited on the fly, I went down the path of learning more about how Events and Delegates work.

Monitoring and Telemetry in Dynamics365 for Operations

It’s been a while since my last post, and let’s just say I haven’t been slacking the past few months! In October, I married my best friend and her and I have been back and forth from St. Thomas US Virgin Islands just a few weeks ago for our honeymoon.  What a blast!

New Dynamics AX in Azure DevTest Labs

With several implementations underway, I’ve been on the lookout to provide the best experience for our development team and also curb costs.  The new Dynamics AX (we can still call it new right?) has excellent tooling for developers in Visual Studio as most are aware, and there are a few options to deploy development environments:

Dimension Controls in a Dialog for AX7

I’ve received a few questions regarding a post on the AX R&D Yammer group about how to add default dimension controls to a dialog in the new Dynamics AX.  Dialogs are unique in that they often do not have a data source, however there are valid cases to still support the selection of dimensions for batch jobs or other periodic processes.

Cloud First, Mobile First Series: New Dynamics AX

Hi all! It’s been a bit of a break from the blog and twitter-sphere the past couple of months.  As many of you are aware, AX7 ( now, simply called Dynamics AX ) has been made publically available for testing and the release is coming soon!  As it is now public, the strict Non-Disclosure Agreements surrounding the product have been lifted and we are able to spread the good news.

To start off 2016, I’m running a series on how the Microsoft Cloud First, Mobile First mission is satisfied in the new Dynamics AX.

‘AX7’ Preview Conference + MVP Summit Recap

Hi everyone!  It’s been a few months since my last post, but rest assured there is a lot of awesome content coming your way soon!

I wanted to take a quick post to recap my time spent at the ‘AX7’ Preview Conference and the MVP Summit 2015.  These two conferences were back-to-back in Redmond and Bellevue this year, starting the last week in October.

AX & TeamCity Automation :: Community Download on Codeplex

Hi everyone!

It is with great pleasure that I'd like to announce the initial release of the AX & TeamCity build automation and deployment solutions is available on CodePlex today!

What the solutions include: