Azure Service Bus Messaging with Dynamics AX 2012 (part 2)

Today I will dive in to Visual Studio integration with AX 2012.  We will see how to integrate with Azure Service Bus natively, and marshal Brokered Message objects over to X++ Objects, all without breaking a sweat!

Azure Service Bus Messaging with Dynamics AX 2012 (part 1)

As Dynamics AX becomes more prominent in your overall IT landscape, integration scenarios will become more challenging.  We all know the joys of scheduled maintenance in terms of AX, as it is best practice to take your production system offline and deploy updates in the form of modelstores. 

While a good reboot is often a healthy thing, we like to prevent the “We’re down for maintenance, come back soon!” messages on any of our customer-facing software like a website, mobile, and supply chain applications to name a few.